By 2017, President Tony Tan is clear to be running for a second term.

Will this President Election be as hotly contested as the one in 2011?

Will the three other "Tan" contenders - namely Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Jee Say and Tan Kin Lian - return to the fray?

Who else will show interest in becoming Singapore's President? Will more of them be from the opposition in Singapore for a change?

With another three years before the next PE, tune in to find out.

Writ of election:
  3 August 2017, Thursday
Nomination day:
  17 August 2017, Thursday
Polling day:
  27 August 2017, Sunday
Overseas vote-counting:
  31 August 2017, Thursday
President swearing-in:
  1 September 2017, Friday

  - [OV: -]
Voter turnout:
  - [OV: -] (%)
Election deposit:
  $ (+%)