Parti Kesatuan Ra'ayat (United Democratic Party)
ஐக்கிய ஜனநாயக கட்சி
Registered: 18 June 1962
Symbol: Triangles
Established by former SPA members in conjunction with UDP Malaya, which was a splinter of MCA Malaya. Barely two months later, most of its members resigned due to its leaders' decision to associate with anti-Malaysia parties. In the 1963 General Election, UDP fielded only one candidate and became defunct thereafter. In the Peninsular, its counterpart later co-founded Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (Malaysian People's Movement Party) along with academics and members of Labour Party Malaya, which still operates today.
General Elections record
Year Seats Cand Won %
1963 51 1 0 6.0