Singapore People's Alliance
Perikatan Rakyat Singapura
Established: 10 November 1958
Dissolved: 16 May 1965
Symbol: Wheel & anvil
Set up by the then-Chief Minister Lim Yew Hock to bring various political parties, including his LF, under one banner to counter PAP's growing appeal. It was initially intended to be called United Socialist Front. Although LF, LSP and WP refused to dissolve, SPA managed to invite several of their members to cross over. Before the 1959 General Election, it headed the SPA-LF-UMNO-MCA ruling coalition but in that GE was voted out of power. In the 1963 GE, it came together with the UMNO-MCA-MIC alliance to form SA but the alliance failed to win a single seat. After SA was renamed and restructured into APS, it was dissolved.