Singapore Malay Union
Kesatuan Melayu Singapura
Established: 14 May 1926
Dissolved: 1961
Formed as a Malay religious and cultural entity, it was the precipitation to the formation of Singapore UMNO although its leaders later reversed their decision to form it. In 1954, it became part of the three-party LF alliance. When LF became a single party, it declined to merge and instead became a coalition partner to UMNO and MCA in 1955. In 1957, it was expelled by its partners for fielding a candidate in that year's by-election. In 1959, it joined PMIP and PR to form a Malay-Muslim alliance but this did not materialise and it ultimately went on its own at the General Election, making no headway and falling into comatose. It did not re-register under the new Societies Ordinance passed on 16 May 1960 and ceased to exist.
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1955 - 1957