Labour Front
Barisan Buroh
தொழிற் முன்னணி
Founded: 21 August 1954
Dissolved: 28 February 1960
Symbol: Pickaxe & shovel
Anchored by David Marshall, it started as a three-party alliance of KM and two shortlived LP splinter groups, Democratic Labour Party formed on 3 November 1953 and Singapore Socialist Party formed on 1 May 1954. KM pulled out and entered into another alliance with UMNO and MCA after the other two parties decided to merge LF into one party. In the 1955 General Election, LF won the most seats and formed a ruling coalition with UMNO-MCA-KM. During its term in power, it produced two Chief Ministers, namely Marshall who resigned in 1956 and his successor Lim Yew Hock. Before the 1959 GE, CM Lim and most LF members abandoned the party to set up SPA with former LSP and WP members. The remnants who decided not to cross over, including general secretary Francis Thomas, dissolved LF after that GE and retired from politics as they felt that its purpose had been fulfilled by PAP.
General Elections record
Year Seats Cand Won % Year Seats Cand Won %
1955 (LF-Alliance coalition) 25 17 10 38.7 1959 51 3 0 11.7
By-Elections record
Year Seats Cand Won %
1957 2 1 0 19.2
Local Elections record
Year Seats Cand Won % Year Seats Cand Won %
1957 32 16 4 35.9 1958 (By-Election) 1 1 0 43.4