Justice Party, Singapore
Parti Keadilan Singapura
Registered: 10 August 1972
Symbol: Candle & triangle
Website: http://singaporejusticeparty.blogspot.sg/
Officially JPS and also known as "Singapore Justice Party", either name was used at different elections. Formed by dissenting UNF members, it later absorbed the rest of UNF in a reconciliation attempt but instead renewed the infighting and left the party continually weak. When erstwhile SDP MP Chiam See Tong joined SPP in 1997, JPS chairman Desmond Lim and some members crossed over to SPP with the endorsement of the few who remained behind. In 2001, it became an inaugural component of SDA with SPP and others. However, after SPP pulled out of SDA in 2011, Lim resigned from SPP and returned to JPS to stay within SDA.
Other symbols
1972 - 2013