The by-elections were held to renew PAP's ranks by inviting five of its Members of Parliament to resign a and make way for new blood. The next day, the writ was issued. With WP licking its "wounds" after a disastrous showing in the 1968 General Election, only UNF, a new party with remnants from the defunct SA, sent candidates. PAP won all the seats that were up for grabs.

Writ of election: 1 April 1970 [Wed]
Nomination day: 8 April 1970 [Wed]
Polling day: 18 April 1970 [Sat]
Members swearing-in: 8 May 1970 [Fri] & 21 May 1970 [Thu]

Electorate: 69,125
Walkover voters: 43,815 (63.4%)
Eligible voters: 25,310 (36.6%)
Voter turnout: 21,550 (85.1%)

Election deposit: $500

Delta Havelock Kampong Kapor Ulu Pandan Whampoa
Total seats = 5