The final batch of walkouts from Parliament involved BS legislators Koo Young, Loh Miaw Gong, Ong Lian Teng, Poh Ber Liak and Tan Cheng Tong on 5 December 1966. This left BS with only two seats occupied by Chan Sun Wing (Nee Soon) and Wong Soon Fong (Toa Payoh), both whom had fled the country to avoid arrest. Only one out of five constituencies was contested, with the PAP candidate facing two independents. The ruling party emerged victorious, effectively leaving the legislature with only PAP Members of Parliament.

Writ of election: 17 February 1967 [Fri]
Nomination day: 24 February 1967 [Fri]
Polling day: 7 March 1967 [Mon]
Members swearing-in: 14 March 1967 [Tue]

Electorate: 70,847
Walkover voters: 56,724 (80.1%)
Eligible voters: 14,123 (19.9%)
Voter turnout: 11,624 (82.3%)

Election deposit: $500

Bukit Panjang Havelock Jalan Kayu Tampines Thomson
Total seats = 5