All six Municipal Commissioners whose term expired were from PP and were in second place in the first Municipal election in 1949. Only two were seeking a second term in their incumbent wards and the rest retired. However, PP Commissioner S. A. Mohamed Ali (Rochore) ran as an independent this time. Meanwhile, LP Commissioner P. J. Johnson (North) had resigned from his party and became independent. In this round, LP fielded a full slate but PP did not. PP won more seats but its overall net number of seats decreased due to fielding lesser candidates. Some independent candidates "borrowed" a party name by dubbing themselves "Independent-Progressive" or "Independent-Labour", a move that was criticised by both PP and LP leaders. Former independent Commissioner H. A. Jivabhai, unsuccessful in City under the PP ticket last year, returned to his old ward as an independent but his nomination papers were rejected after he arrived three minutes late.

Nomination day: 6 November 1950 [Mon]
Polling day: 2 December 1950 [Sat]

Registered voters: 22,325
Voter turnout: 12,294 (55.1%)

Election deposit: $250

City East North Rochore South West

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