Parti Warisan Sabah
(English: Sabah Heritage Party)
Founded: 28 August 2013
Originally registered as Parti Pembangunan Warisan Sabah (Sabah Heritage Development Party), it was inactive until taken over and relaunched under its new name on 17 October 2016 by former BN minister Shafie Apdal, who was part of a team that dissolved USNO to form Sabah UMNO in 1993. Joined by several Sabah PKR and DAP leaders, Shafie chose to form a local party instead of joining PPBM that was formed around the same time but allied with it and PH. In the 2018 Malaysia General Election, Warisan teamed up with Sabah PH to even the score with Sabah BN and eventually gained control of the state government after several from UPKO and Sabah UMNO defected. However, Sabah became an opposition state when PPBM, later known as Bersatu, left PH to align with BN, PAS and GPS in Sarawak to form a "back-door" government but Warisan refused to cross over.