Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak
(English: Sarawak People's Energy Party)
Founded: 28 August 2013
Established by most of the Sarawak State Assembly lawmakers from SPDP and SUPP, the former SUPP ones later branched out into UPP while maintaining ties with Teras. Before the Sarawak state election in 2016, Teras leaders including chief William Mawan Ikom agreed to quit their party as a condition to contest as direct BN candidates. After the polls, they joined PBB. Teras intended to wind up on 11 May 2016 but put its plans on hold while watching developments. Left out it the cold, the once BN-friendly party in the hands of Peter Nansian Ngusie campaigned for former SWP leader Larry Sng and several PH candidates in the 2018 Malaysia General Election. When GPS replaced Sarawak BN, Teras affirmed its role as a local opposition by forming Sarawak Baru (New Sarawak) with STAR, PBDS Baru and SWP. In 2019, Banyi Beriak, who had taken over Nansian as party chief, crossed over to PSB, the renamed UPP.