Sarawak Workers Party
Founded: 8 December 2010
First founded as Sabah People's Front as an offshoot of Bersekutu, it was hijacked by its top leaders who gave the party to erstwhile PRS leaders in Sarawak. On 2 April 2012, SPF was officially renamed SWP and former Sarawak assistant minister Larry Sng, who was expelled from PRS in 2009, became SWP chief that year. Stranded SPF members, who lost their vehicle for the 2013 Malaysia General Election, disputed the legality of SWP's name change with Malaysia's Registrar of Societies but the case was dismissed to their chagrin and they eventually set up Sabah Peace Party. Although not part of Sarawak BN, SWP declared itself a BN-friendly party until 2015 when it tried to forge an alliance with DAP but was spurned. Sng abruptly resigned in 2016 and a new leadership that took over applied to join BN without success. After the momentous Malaysia GE of 2018, SWP was invited to join the local Sarawak Baru (New Sarawak) alliance by Teras, STAR and PBDS Baru. Meanwhile, Sng, who was elected as an independent, joined PKR.