Sarawak National Party
Founded: 10 April 1961
Dissolved: 17 January 2013
The first political party to join Sarawak Alliance in 1963 and produced the state's first Chief Minister, Stephen Kalong Ningkan. In 1966, it left Alliance after Ningkan was forced out as CM by Sarawak Governor Abang Openg who had the support of SNAP's erstwhile coalition partners Barjasa, Panas and Pesaka, the three that would later form PBB. The following year, the three-year-old multi-racial Party Machinda, which derived its name by blending Sarawakian ethnic classifications, namely Malay, Chinese, Indian and Dayak, merged with SNAP. SNAP joined BN and reunited with its former opponents in 1973. Under James Wong, the party went through two major splits. The first was in 1983, where it contested against breakaway PBDS in the state election although both were Sarawak BN component parties. Another occurred when SNAP was de-registration on 5 November 2002 but a court case set this aside in April 2003. The renegades formed SPDP, which BN favoured and expelled SNAP in 2004, which by then had been part of the coalition for 28 years. In April 2010, SNAP joined the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (People's Pact) made up of PKR, DAP and PAS, for barely a year before quitting over a dispute with PKR and then moved on to United Borneo Alliance comprising of Sabah and Sarawak opposition parties. Eventually, the de-registration verdict was upheld a decade following the first hearing and the long-surviving party ceased to exist.