Sabah Progressive Party
Founded: 21 January 1994
A breakaway group of PBS formed by Yong Teck Lee just before the 1994 Sabah state election. After PBS won that election narrowly, several of its State Assembly Members crossed over to SAPP and AKAR, which were Sabah BN component parties, triggering the collapse of the PBS state government. On 17 September 2008, SAPP pulled out of BN, with members disagreeing with the exit leaving for either Sabah Gerakan or PBS, which had rejoined BN in 2002. From 2011, SAPP was part of United Borneo Alliance along with USNO Baru, Sarawak STAR and fellow former BN component SNAP. The 2013 Malaysia General Election saw SAPP lose all its seats. In 2015, with UBA having died down, SAPP established United Sabah Alliance or Gabungan Sabah together with Sabah STAR and Angkatan Perubahan Sabah (Sabah Reform Movement). SAPP advisor and former Berjaya minister Mohd Noor Mansoor became USA leader.