Purtobohan Bumi Putera
(English: Native People's Organisation)
Perak Malay League
Founded: 27 January 1946
Dissolved: 1959
Formed by Perak's first Menteri Besar Abdul Wahab Muda Abdul Aziz, otherwise known as Panglima Bukit Gantang. When UMNO Malaya was formed a few months after PML, Wahab converted the party into Perak UMNO. In 1953, he was expelled from UMNO for secretly establishing NAP. Several UMNO state members followed him to his new party but later decided to revive PML for the 1955 Federal Election. After performing poorly, PML was renamed Purtobohan and attempted the Perak state election without success again. By 1959, many leaders had either joined UMNO or PMIP, leaving the party dormant.