Parti Sarawak Bersatu
(English: United Sarawak Party)
United People's Party
Founded: 14 July 2014
Founded by a faction of SUPP State Assembly representatives led by state minister Wong Soon Koh who were expelled from the party. Initially, the group joined SPDP dissidents to form Teras but later decided to establish a new party to focus on the Sarawak Chinese community while retaining ties with Teras that would focus on the Dayaks. For the 2016 Sarawak state election, UPP leaders were fielded as BN direct candidates on the condition that they had to resign from the party. After the polls, five of those who won rejoined UPP. The party explored merger with SPDP, applied to join BN and attempted to reunite with SUPP at PBB's urging but all these did not bear fruit, although UPP was given one seat to contest under SUPP in the 2018 Malaysia General Election. In February 2019, UPP became PSB to rebrand itself from a Chinese-majority to multi-racial party and was joined by several past leaders of PRS and Teras, putting it at odds with most component parties of GPS.