Persatuan Rakyat Malaysia Sarawak
(English: Sarawak Malaysian People's Association)
Founded: March 1987
Dissolved: 1991
Founded by Sarawak Governor and former Chief Minister Abdul Rahman Ya'kub to oppose the sitting CM Abdul Taib Mahmud, his nephew and successor as PBB leader, which came to be known as the Ming Court Affair. After it was formed, it applied to join the national BN but was unsuccessful. However, it joined hands with BN component PBDS under Kumpulan Maju (Progressive Group) to contest the 1987 Sarawak election but failed to make a dent on Sarawak BN. For the 1990 Malaysia General Election, Permas briefly joined Gagasan Rakyat (People's Concept) and contested Sarawak parliamentary seats but avoided PBDS turfs. Although KM had ceased to exist after the 1987 state election, Permas allied with PBDS again in the 1991 state polls but fared worse and lost all it seats. Thereafter, Rahman dissolved the party. By 2008, Rahman had made peace with his nephew.