Parti Keadilan Masyarakat Malaysia
(English: Malaysian Social Justice Party)
Founded: September 1971
Dissolved: 1982
A group of Gerakan members that broke away under the former LPM leadership of Prof Syed Hussein Alatas, Tan Chee Khoon and others who opposed the party's decision of working with the Alliance government to form and eventually join the BN coalition. This was after Gerakan clinched the Penang state in the 1969 Malaysia General Election and faced difficulties imposed by the federal government, coupled with the May 13 racial riots. On 19 July 1974, Parti Marhaen Malaysia (Malaysia Equality Party), a breakaway of PRM formed by its former leader Ahmad Boestamam on 20 July 1968, merged with Pekemas. Health problems of Tan and disillusionment with the party's electoral performance led many of its leaders and ranks to retire from politics or join other parties. Before winding up, most of its members had either returned to PRM, including Ahmad, crossed over to DAP or DAP breakaway SDP and for its Sabah division, to Berjaya.