Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu
(English: United Indigenous Heritage Party)
Founded: 30 April 1973
Two major Sarawak local parties, Panas and Barjasa, were established on 9 April 1960 and 4 December 1961 respectively. In August 1962, Iban members within Panas broke away to form Pesaka. The three parties and SNAP jointly set up Sarawak Alliance on 2 October 1962. Panas and Barjasa wanted to come together as UMNO Sarawak to unite the Muslim community but before 1991 when Sabah UMNO was formed, the federal UMNO was not keen to take in non-Malay indigenous people. Before the 1963 Sarawak election, Panas left Alliance and worked briefly with SUPP, only to rejoin in 1965. On 28 March 1968, Panas and Barjasa merged into Bumiputera. Relations between Bumiputera and Pesaka were strained in 1969 and the latter contested under its own banner in the Malaysia General Election that year. However, they merged four years later to create PBB. As local parties representing major ethnic groups, the amalgamation made PBB the undisputed linchpin party of Sarawak BN and its popularity is the primary reason for Sarawak being the only state UMNO has not ventured into. From 1978, PBB maintained perfect wins in parliamentary seats until losing one in 2018, which also saw BN lose power. Following this, PBB led the Sarawak BN components out of the coalition to form GPS.
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1973 - 1990
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