Party Negara
(English: National Party)
Founded: 28 February 1954
Dissolved: 11 February 1967
Onn Ja'afar founded UMNO in May 1946 but due to its increasingly communalist direction, he resigned to set up the multi-racial Independence of Malaya Party on 16 September 1951. IMP failed to gain traction with Malay voters and Onn left it in 1953 to re-establish himself with a Malay-based political party by joining Negara, taking over Hamzah Abdullah as its leader in 1955. IMP was disbanded in the same year. In the 1959 election in Malaya, Negara won seats only in Trengganu. In 1962, Onn passed away and two years later in another election, Negara lost all its seats. The party was eventually de-registered by the Malaysian government after becoming inactive from around 1965.