Parti Bersatu Sasa Malaysia
(English: Malaysia United People's Party)
Founded: 23 March 2011
Originally founded as a Sabah-based political party Setia in 1994, which was dissolved following a decision by its leaders to extend its presence to the whole Malaysia. Bersama, also known by MUPP, was established in its place but has never won a seat. In 2016, it formed Gabungan Rakyat Saksama (Sabah-Sarawak-Malaya People's Coalition) with three Sabah opposition parties, Sarawak-based parties STAR and PBDS Baru and DAP splinter People's Alternative Party to stand for an equal partnership of three states.
Related organisation
Parti Demokratik Setiahati Kuasa Rakyat Bersatu Sabah
(English: United Democratic Sabah People's Power Party)