Parti Bersatu Rakyat Jelata Sabah
(English: Sabah People's United Front)
Founded: 6 June 1976
Dissolved: 27 February 1991
A splinter of USNO launched by former party leader Harris Salleh on 15 July 1975, who fell out with Sabah Chief Minister and USNO chief Mustapha Harun. Berjaya received a boost when Sabah's first CM and former UPKO leader Fuad Stephens joined the party. After it ousted USNO in the 1976 Sabah election and displaced it as the linchpin in Sabah BN, Stephens became CM again but died in a plane crash days later along with several state ministers in what was dubbed the "Double Six Tragedy" and Harris succeeded him. In 1985, the dominant Berjaya suffered a shock defeat in the hands of its own breakaway PBS during the state election, largely owing to the secession of Labuan as a Federal Territory a year ago. Before the 1986 Malaysia General Election, Berjaya left BN due to the re-admission of USNO and inclusion of PBS into the coalition. In 1991, Berjaya was dissolved and formed Sabah UMNO with several USNO leaders. Harris was expelled from UMNO in 1998 after forming Bersekutu.