Parti Aspirasi Rakyat Sarawak
(English: Sarawak People's Aspiration Party)
State Reform Party
Founded: 9 October 1996
Officially "State Reform Party Sarawak" and founded by former SNAP leader Patau Rubis, it is presently led by Ms Lina Soo. On 6 January 2012, it opened a division in Sabah, making it uniquely the only party to operate purely within the two East Malaysian states. This ended on 26 June 2016 when it repackaged itself as local party and parted ways with its Sabah counterpart but its application to change its name to "Sarawak Reform Party" was not approved by the BN authorities. Around that time, STAR co-founded Gabungan Rakyat Saksama (Sabah-Sarawak-Malaya People's Coalition) with Bersama, DAP splinter PAP and three Sabah opposition parties to campaign for an equal partnership of the three states. After the 2018 Malaysia General Election, STAR co-founded another alliance named Sarawak Baru (New Sarawak) along with Teras and PBDS Baru, which was later joined by SWP. STAR also lodged a complaint to Malaysia's election commission to have Sabah STAR change its acronym but on 24 January 2020, it changed its own name to Aspirasi and the dispute became academic.
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