In June 1965, less than two months away from Singapore's separation from Malaysia, UPP chief and only Assembly Member Ong Eng Guan resigned his seat and retired from politics. This very last Legislative Assembly election was a straight fight between the two main parties, PAP and BS. Both candidates were former PAP Assembly colleagues. By then, PAP was a nationwide party with a presence in the Peninsular. It entered the 1964 Malaysia General Election, winning only one out of the 11 seats, and also formed the Malaysia Solidarity Convention with four opposition parties in West Malaysia to campaign for a "Malaysian Malaysia". These actions upset the Alliance Party government and consequently led to Singapore's expulsion. PAP's newly elected legislator Lee Khoon Choy was sworn in only four months later, after Singapore became independent, directly as Member of Parliament during the opening of the first Parliament.

Writ of election: 23 June 1965 [Wed]
Nomination day: 30 June 1965 [Wed]
Polling day: 10 July 1965 [Sat]
Member swearing-in (at 1st Parliament): 8 December 1965 [Wed]

Eligible voters: 11,837
Voter turnout: 10,858 (91.7%)

Election deposit: $500

Hong Lim
Total seats = 1