City Councillors whose term expired were those successfully elected in the second Municipal Election of 1949, including two PP women politicians Phyllis Eu and Amy Laycock, both whom were running for a second term. Soon after last year's Municipal Election, PP expelled its newly elected Councillor S. S. Manyam (North). His wife was standing as an independent candidate in the West ward. LP was in turmoil. It also expelled one Councillor, M. P. D. Nair (South), earlier in the year and another whose term was up, S. M. A. H. Chisty, resigned from LP and was running as an independent. They were part of a LP rebel faction headed by S. Jaganathan, who was contesting as an independent against LP leader P. M. Williams. PP fielded largely experienced hands. There were more multi-corner contests this time.

Nomination day: 5 November 1952 [Wed]
Polling day: 6 December 1952 [Sat]

Registered voters: 44,896
Voter turnout: 22,905 (51.0%)

Election deposit: $250

City East North Rochore South West
Total seats = 6