The by-elections were held to renew PAP's ranks by inviting five of its Members of Parliament to make way for new blood, including sole woman MP Chan Choy Siong. These PAP MPs submitted their resignations a day before the writ was issued. With WP licking its "wounds" after a disastrous showing in the 1968 General Election, only UNF, a new alliance consolidating remnants of the defunct SA, fielded candidates. PAP won all the seats that were up for grabs, although there would be no female MPs until 1984.

Writ of election: 1 April 1970 [Wed]
Nomination day: 8 April 1970 [Wed]
Polling day: 18 April 1970 [Sat]
Members swearing-in: 8 May 1970 [Fri] & 21 May 1970 [Thu]

Electorate: 69,125
Walkover voters: 43,815 (63.4%)
Eligible voters: 25,310 (36.6%)
Voter turnout: 21,550 (85.1%)

Election deposit: $500

Delta Havelock Kampong Kapor Ulu Pandan Whampoa

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