Both Mrs V. Menon, the only elected woman Legislative Councillor, and her lawyer husband were charged in India's courts for criminal breach of trust. She voluntarily resigned her seat on 25 September 1952. They were later acquitted in February 1953 but she never returned to politics. To date, this was the first and only unopposed victory involving a non-PAP candidate after the sole candidate, independent City Councillor M. P. D. Nair, became the only candidate to file his nomination. He was a former LP leader but was expelled by his party in March. Due to the walkover, no election symbol was assigned and polling day, which was set on 20 December 1952, did not take place. Initially, Nair refused to be sworn into office unless the demands of the Naval Base Union members in that constituency were met but later proceeded to do so.

Writ of election: 28 October 1952 [Tue]
Nomination day: 19 November 1952 [Wed]
Member swearing-in: 16 December 1952 [Tue]

Registered voters: 6,509

Election deposit: $500


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