Singapore's first by-election in history was triggered by the death of independent Legislative Councillor S. C. Goho, who passed away in Calcutta on 24 July 1948, less than five months after being elected. The PP candidate was Cheong Hock Chye, an unsuccessful independent in the last General Election who fared worse this time. He faced two independents, with one of them, G. Maganlal, being an unexpected surprise who turned up at the final moment to file his papers. A fourth, M. A. Majid of the newly-formed LP and also a previous candidate, was seven minutes late of doing so due to a car breakdown. The victor, Balwant Singh, had withdrawn his nomination for the Indian Chamber of Commerce seat in the GE.

Writ of election: 12 August 1948 [Thu]
Nomination day: 3 September 1948 [Fri]
Polling day: 16 October 1948 [Sat]
Member swearing-in: 19 October 1948 [Tue]

Registered voters: 4,279
Voter turnout: 3,121 (72.9%)

Election deposit: $500

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